Reliable and Affordable Rural Internet

rural internet providersRural Internet options from Standard Broadband provide you with the connection and reliability you need – no matter where you live.

Our commitment to providing reliable Internet for rural areas is the driving force behind our independently owned LTE network.

With rural high speed Internet, you’ll be leveraging next generation LTE technology to ensure you’re always connected when you need to be.

Rural Internet Options & Packages

Select from multiple residential rural Internet packages to fit your needs.

Whatever option you choose, it includes UNLIMITED bandwidth. So you’ll never worry about a usage fee again.

Rural 6Mbps

  • 6Mbps Download*
  • 1Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Rural 12Mbps

  • 12Mbps Download*
  • 1Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Rural 25Mbps

  • 25Mbps Download*
  • 1Mbps Upload*
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Surf, Share and Stream as Much As You Want

Standard Broadband’s rural high speed internet service allows you to:

  • Stream music
  • Watch movies
  • Share photos
  • Connect all your devices: Smart TV, Tablets, PCs, Laptops, Phones

You can do anything your city friends can do online with 100% transparent billing (no hidden fees) and local, Canadian technical support and service.

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Service Coverage

We proudly provide internet for rural areas in Southern Ontario.

Add, Bundle & Save

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