Fibre To The Home Project

Standard Broadband’s Fibre To The Home service is coming to the Millcreek Country Club community.

We want to thank everyone who took time out of their day to attend our information meeting on June 13, 2023. There was overwhelming support from those in attendance for our FTTH network to brought in to the community, so we are going to do just that.  As the project begins we will publish a section on this page with updates. For the time being the details of our service offering are below along with some general details.  During our meeting many questions were asked and for those not able to attend we have created a summary page of the Q&A available here.

If you were unable to attend the information meeting, you can download the presentation that was given here.

Our Fibre Optic network will provide Internet, Television and Telephone services. Details and packages are below.


Available Internet Services

The Internet packages below will be available to your home once connected to our fibre optic network.

FTTH 100Mbps

  • 100Mbps Download
  • 100Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

FTTH 250Mbps

  • 250Mbps Download
  • 250Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

FTTH 500Mbps

  • 500Mbps Download
  • 500Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

FTTH 1000Mbps

  • 1000Mbps Download
  • 1000Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Available Telephone Services

Basic Phone

  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Free Canada wide calling
  • No contract
  • Caller ID
  • VoiceMail
  • Emergency 911

Enhanced Phone

  • Includes ALL features
  • Keep your existing phone number
  • Free Canada wide calling
  • No contract

Telephone Feature Details

Emergency 911

Should you ever have an emergency, you can dial 911 for assistance.

Caller ID with Name

See the name and phone number of the person calling you.

Call Waiting

Receive a second call while you’re on the telephone.

CallerID Block

Protect your privacy by blocking your name and number from displaying when making a call.

Conference Calling

Speak with two people at the same time in a 3-person conference.

Last Call Return

Dial back the last number that called your line.

Call Forward Busy

Send calls to a different number if you’re on the phone.

Call Forward No Answer

Send calls to a different number if you don’t answer the phone.

Call Forward All

Forward all calls to a different number.


Allow callers to leave a message if you don’t answer and be notified via phone or email.

Do Not Disturb

Send your calls directly to VoiceMail instead of having your phone keep ringing.

Keep Your Number

Port your number to our service, allowing you to keep it.

Television Packages

Below are our available television packages, each subscriber must subscribe to the Starter Package and may add additional theme packs.

Basic Starter – $49.99/month

Theme Pack – Favorites – $20.00/month

Theme Pack – Discovery 1 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Discovery 2 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – News 1 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Sport 1 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Sport 2 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Life 1 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Life 2 – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Fusion  – $7.00/month

Theme Pack – Movies – $7.00/month

How much will installation cost?

Standard Broadband will make our service available to each home in the community at no cost to the home owner.  We will install a small box at the side of each home. When the home owner subscribes to our service will run the cable from the box out side your home to the location inside where the modem/router will be installed.

How is service connected to my house?

Our service is connected to your home via a small conduit that is run from one of our pedestal locations underground to the side of the house. Typically, we will follow a similar path to the hydro utility service that comes in to your home.  Our crews will use a small trenching tool that will allow us to place the conduit under your grass without the need to remove strips of grass to run our conduit.  At the side of the home a small box is installed which will serve as the connection point to the home and from there to your router.

I am interested how do I get more information?

The best way to keep up to date on the progress of our Fibre To The Home build is to subscribe to our mailing list.  You may do so by completing the form at the top of this page.  As the project moves along updates will be provided on a regular basis.  Alternatively you may contact our customer service team at 1-866-569-4147.