Standard Broadband 2022 Puslinch Network Build

March 31, 2022

Over the last 18 months Standard Broadband’s Fibre To The Home network build has provided many homes in the Township with high speed fibre optic Internet service. Along with our Internet service in July of this year we will be launching our new Television service.

Our construction has not moved as quickly as we have originally planned, much of our delay has come from delivery and lead time on product such as the duct and fibre optic cable. COVID-19 lock downs and isolations also made it difficult to keep our construction teams fully staffed.

All material to complete our build is now in our warehouse, we have also increased our construction crew by almost 60%. The addition of another horizontal drill to our construction fleet will ensure we have the resources to complete this project as quickly as possible.

The interactive map below outlines our project area by street.  Streets shown in green have service available today, those shown in blue are scheduled for construction starting in April 2022.  To use the map, locate your home or business and click on the line running along the street. The map will then provide some basic details to our construction time and when service is expected to be available.

Click here to open the interactive MAP in a new window or use the MAP below.

As our projects progress updates will be provided on this page as they are available. This update will be divided in two sections one for the part of our

Please visit our Puslinch FTTH page for full details on the service options that will be available. For more information on this exciting project please contact our customer service department team who can be reached via email or telephone at 1-866-569-4147.