Standard Broadband 2021 Puslinch Network Expansion Project

Aug 6, 2021

As our projects progress updates will be provided on this page as they are available. This update will be divided in two sections one for the part of our project North of the 401 and the second for our Morriston project.

North Of 401 Update

A shipment of duct (20km) was due to our warehouse in early July, unfortunately due to raw material shortages as the manufacturing facility this shipment was delayed. We have been told by the manufacturer that they have caught up and expect to ship the duct to us for arrival the week of Aug 9th, 2021. As soon as the duct arrives to our warehouse we will continue construction along the following streets:

Watson Rd S (between Maltby and the 401)
Nassagaweay Puslinch Town Line
Concession 11
Maltby Road
Victoria St S (between Malty and 36)
Old Ruby Lane, Catherine Ct, Elizabeth Pl

Along with the streets above our engineering group has submitted permit packages to the City of Guelph for the following streets after initial review several minor changes were requested and have been completed. We expect to have permits issued in the near future.

Victoria Rd S (between Maltby and Arkell Rd)
Serena Ln
Carlaw Pl
Watson Rd S (between Stone Rd and Cook’s Mill Rd)

Our project is scheduled to be completed by Nov 2021 and we have brought in some additional construction help to ensure things are completed by that time. Additional information will be posted to this page as it becomes available.


Work is progressing well on our backbone construction and we are now ready to start the service drop construction. During this phase of our project our team will run a small conduit from our backbone to each home. We expect to have service available in late Aug 2021 to homes on the following streets.

Currie Dr
Telfer Glen St
Settles Ct

If you have not already done so, please use our online signup system to ensure that your home is connected to our high-speed fibre optic network. There is a link at the top of this page, simply click the SIGN UP NOW button or click here.

May 20, 2021

Construction continues on projects both in Morriston as well as north of the 401.  Our teams have been pulling fibre cables in the newly installed underground ducts and we are getting ready to start installations in several areas. Due to shipping delays on fibre optic cable we are slightly behind schedule however we have brought in additional resources to help with our construction.

Our crew is currently working on the following streets installing the fibre optic cable that will connect homes to our network.

Watson Rd (Between Hume and Maltby)

Carter Rd

Farnham Rd

Customers on the streets above who have already signed up will be contacted next week by our customer service team to book their installation appointment. If you have not signed up already please do so using our online sign up page.

Construction will continue on Watson Rd, Maltby Rd and Town Line over the next few weeks and we anticipate installations being available on those streets in early July.

March 26, 2021

Construction has been moving well over the last three weeks.  Installations will be available starting May 1st, 2021 on the following streets.  If you have not signed up already please do so using our online sign up page. If you have signed up online one of our customer service will be in touch in about two weeks time to schedule your installation.

Service will be available to:

Farnham Dr
Carter Rd
Cooks Mills Rd
Watson Rd S (Hume to Maltby)
Puslinch Town Line (Arkell Rd to Side Road 25)

March 4, 2021

Construction will be kicking off again in the next few days and our teams will be hard at work over the coming months to complete our project in the community.  Starting on March 8th we will begin construction along the following streets:

Farnham Dr
Carter Rd
Cooks Mills Rd
Concession Rd 11 from Hume Rd going south
Town Line North of Hume Rd

Homes on the above streets are now able to sign up online for service, upon completion of our construction we will begin installations. Our customer service team will reach out to all homes that have signed up online for service to schedule their installation.

To sign up online use our FTTH Online Sign up page or click the red SIGN UP NOW button at the top right of this page.

For more information on our project please contact our customer service department team who can be reached via email or telephone at 1-866-569-4147.

February 10, 2021

We had hoped to have been able to start more work in January of this year however due to supply chain delays we were unable to proceed until this point.  Our construction team is ramping up and will begin in early March. We have updated our maps to provide more in-depth detail on coverage and time lines for construction and service availability.  Please visit our Puslinch FTTH page to view the updated maps.  For additional information on each road section simply click on the blue line and a window will appear with details on when construction is set to begin.

As we begin construction in each area you will notice locate flags and pain on the ground in the area around your property. These flags show our construction team where other underground services are located. We ask that you please do not remove them as doing so will require Ontario One Call to re-dispatch the locator and that will delay the section of the project where the flags have been removed.

Please visit our Puslinch FTTH page for full details on the service options that will be available. For more information on this exciting project please contact our customer service department team who can be reached via email or telephone at 1-866-569-4147.