Construction is underway in Moffat on our Fibre To The Home Network. Construction will begin in Mid April 2019 and continue until completion in the summer of 2019.

Project Overview

Standard Broadband’s FTTH construction was started in 2018 and will be completed during the spring and summer 2019. Below you will find ongoing updates and information about specific areas or work and when service will be available.  If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at Alternatively you may complete the contact form on this page.

Moffat FTTH Construction Plans PDF – This plan outlines where backbone infrastructure will be placed. Orange ducts will be placed at a depth of .76M and are generally between 1-2M off of the property line toward the road way. There is no construction located on private property.

Ongoing Updates

April 19 2019 – Update

Our construction team has been working along 15 Side Road and Cunningham Ct. We have completed all work along 15 Side Road and our fibre optic backbone cable has been installed up to the corner of  Cedar Trail / Cunningham Ct. This we will be continue to work on construction along Cunningham Ct, we anticipate that construction to be completed by April 26th allowing us to commence installations to homes on Cunningham Ct as of May 6th. If you have not already done so please visit our online sign up page to ensure your home is connected to the network.

Our team will also start restoration work where construction has taken place along Cunningham Ct this week and sod / seed will be placed in about two weeks time in areas where grass was disrupted. Upon completion of the initial restoration we will be proceeding along Cedar Tr.

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at

April 12 2019 – Update

Many of you will notice that this week flags and paint markings have been placed in the area. These flags and markings are legally required before construction of any kind can begin. They are placed by the other utility companies to show where their underground infrastructure is located. The paint will wash off and our crew will remove flags upon completion of work in the area.

Work commencing next week will consist of the following:

Country Lane Ct, 1st Line Nassagaweya and 15 Side Road (From rail lines to 1st Line) will have any service drop wires that are still above ground near the ditches in the municipal right of way buried in the ground. Along with this we will be completing our restoration work and preparing to have seed and sod placed once the temperature warms up past freezing.

Cunningham Court will see our construction crews working to place the orange duct in the ground in areas where it is currently sitting on the surface. We will also be completing the remaining duct installation starting next week and installing the fibre optic cables in the duct. Once this work is completed we will be able to commence customer installations.

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at

April 5 2019 – Update

Construction will begin on the following streets in or around April 15th 2019.  It is anticipated that from the dates below it will take approximately two weeks to complete each street. Upon completion of work on the street service will be available and installations will begin.  Please ensure you have signed up on our web site to book your installation.

Cunningham Court – April 15th 2019
Cedar Trail – April 22nd 2019
Kean Hill Drive – April 29th 2019
First Line North of 15 Side Road – May 20th 2019
15 Side Road West of First Line – June 3rd 2019

Installations will commence per street as each street is completed.

Please contact our customer service team if you have any questions they can be reached at 1-866-569-4147.