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During our information meeting on June 13, 2023 a number of great questions were asked by those in attendance.  Below is a summary of the questions that were asked.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact our customer service team at 1-866-569-4147 or email us at sales@standardbroadband.ca.


What equipment is included with the service? Our service includes everything that you need to be able to get online.  We include a modem and a router that includes WiFi.  For larger homes or outdoor coverage additional WiFi devices are available for purchase or rent.

Is the internet unlimited? Will there be data charges? All over our Internet service are 100% unlimited (and we mean unlimited as defined in the dictionary not a redefined telecom version of the word as some other companies may use) you will never have to worry about additional charges or speed reductions based on how much you use the service.

Is there a contract for the service? All of our services are provided on a month to month basis and never require any type of contract.

Do we have cell phone service? Currently we do not provide a cell phone service.

Do we have a home phone service? Yes we do currently provide a home phone service.  Details are available on the project page.

What TV Channels will our packages have? Please visit the project page all the TV packages and channels are detailed on that page.

Does TV come with a PVR for recording shows? Yes we have options for wholehome PVR with our set top boxes.

Does the TV service work on multiple TVs in the same home? Yes you can use our television service on multiple TV at the same time, each television will require a set top box.

Does TV service work in the US when I travel for the winter? Unfortunately our television service is only available on our fibre network and is not portable to other locations.

Is there a rental fee for the TV box?  Yes there will be a rental fee for the set top box.  We will have a number of different boxes available and updated pricing will be published shortly.  Typically our rental fee is between $5-$10 per box.

Does the TV service work on a Firestick, Roku, Smart TV, AppleTV or other streaming devices? Currently our television service is only available using our set top box our software vendor is working to release apps for Firestick and Roku in the fall of 2023.