Fibre To The Homes on Ennisclare Dr


Standard Broadband has received a number of inquiries about our Fibre To The Home Internet service and if it will be available to the homes on Ennisclare Dr. While our network expansion does include Ennisclare Dr it was originally not planned until the Fall 2020 / Spring of 2021. Due to interest however we have put together a plan to expedite expansion to the the street.

In order for us to move forward with our expansion we are looking for at least 20 home owners to commit to the service.  Please use the online sign up to complete the service agreement to commit to the project.


Available Internet Services

Initially our service to the street will be brought via a high capacity microwave link that will be located on one of the homes on the street. We have already completed a feasibility study and determined that this will work and that a tower will not be required. This microwave link will provide the service to the fibre optic network until our backbone is extended to the street. While we are using the microwave link we will have one package for Internet available as well as our telephone service. Upon our backbone reaching the street additional Internet packages will be available.

FTTH 30Mbps

  • 30Mbps Download
  • 30Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

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Questions, Details and Answers.

How much will installation cost?

There will be a one-time installation fee of $750.00 to connect your home to our network during the initial construction period. Properties that do not connect during that time may be subject to a higher fee to recover additional costs for permits and construction labour/site mobilization these fees can range between $2500.00-$5000.00. Our installation includes up to 300M of cable from the property line to the entry point on the house, up to 15M of indoor fibre optic cable and our fibre modem.

Can I have fibre installed without service?

A subscription to one of our Internet services is required in order to have our Fibre optic service installed to your home.

How is service connected to my house?

Our service is connected to your home via a small conduit that is run from one of our pedestal locations under ground to the side the house. Typically we will follow a similar path to the hydro utility service that comes in to your home.  Our crews will use a small trenching tool that will allow us to place the conduit under your grass without the need to remove strips of grass to run our conduit.  At the side of the home a small box is installed which will serve as the connection point to the home and from there to your router.

I am interested how do we move forward?

We require the commitment from 20 homes on the street please use the online sign up to register to receive service. Once we receive enough support drawings will be submitted for approval to the municipalities and construction will begin once municipal consent has been provided. If we have not received enough interest by July 1 2019 we will reach out to those who have committed to determine if there is interested in moving forward in other ways.

You may contact our customer service team at 1-866-569-4147 for more information.