Brookville’s Fibre To The Home Network construction will begin in early May 2019 and continue until completion in the fall of 2019.

Sept 20 2019

Construction has continued in Brookville and our crew is working to make their way down Guelph Line. We anticipate being at Guelph Line and Purdy by Sept 27th 2019 and then we will begin construction in Churchill Estates. We estimate construction will be completed by the end of Oct 2019. Below is an area map with estimated time lines for construction on each street.

Blue – September 31 start date.
Yellow  – October 9th start date.
Orange – Oct 21st Start date.
Red – Oct 25th Start date.

Restoration work will take place about two week after each street is completed and all areas will be restored to the condition they were in prior to construction taking place.

We will continue along Guelph Line and West along 15 Side Road to Amos Dr. We estimate we will have Amos and Milne completed by late Nov 2019. We will provide a more detailed time line in about 30 days.

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at Alternatively you may complete the contact form on this page.

Sept 9 2019

Over the last 3 weeks our crew has been hard at work and has now completed work installing underground duct that will provide the path for our fibre optic cable. Later this week fibre optic cables will be placed along the following streets and service will be made available with installations starting on Sept 23rd. Our customer care team will be contacting everyone who has already signed up to book installations. If you have not yet signed up and are on the streets below please do so via our online sign up page to ensure we connect your home to the only all fibre optic network in Brookville.

Cameron Dr – Entire Street
Talyor Ct – Entire Street
Amos Dr – Between Taylor Ct and 11260 Amos Dr

Restoration work has been completed where most construction work was done however over the next two weeks we will be following up and inspecting the area to ensure everything has been restored. If you have any questions or would like us to look at a specific area of concern please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at Alternatively you may complete the contact form on this page.

Aug 15 2019

Our crews have begun work along Cameron Dr and will continue to work over the next several weeks to complete our distribution network on Cameron Dr, Taylor Ct and a portion of Amos Dr.

July 15 2019

We have been waiting for almost 60 days for locates that we are required to obtain prior to starting construction. We have been working with compliance team at Ontario 1 Call and are pleased to report that the locate contractor for the other underground utilities (Bell, Union Gas, Milton Hydro) has finally been able get our locate request in to the hands of one of their field team. Our permits require locates from the other in ground utility providers prior to construction starting. This ensures the safety of our crew as well as the making sure that we don’t accidentally damage other infrastructure that exists in the ground.

Later this week another update will be posted to our website with more detail on time lines.

Construction along Cameron Dr and Taylor Ct is expected to commence on Wednesday of this week.

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at Alternatively you may complete the contact form on this page.

May 31 2019

Our construction crew is waiting on PVC Contractors who are contracted by  Bell, Union Gas and Milton Hydro to complete locate markings and provide us with our locate drawings so that we may proceed. Unfortunately they have not been able to complete this work yet and we have escalated with Ontario 1 Call. We cannot legally start our construction until all the other under ground utilities have been located. Ontario 1 Call has been notified of the delay as well and we hope that we can have this resolved promptly. Our crew is ready to start work as soon as these locates are completed.

May 3 2019

Due to the rain over the last week construction is behind about one week. An update will be posted early next week as we anticipate the warmer weekend weather to help get us back on track. Construction will begin with the following streets and we anticipate service being available by early June so long as the weather cooperates.

All homes on Taylor Ct
All Homes on Cameron Dr
Home between the intersection of Taylor CT and Amos Dr to 11260 Amos Dr

Amos Dr – Estimated June availability.

April 19 2019

Construction is on track to proceed around May 1st 2019.  Updates will follow shortly.

April 12 2019

Construction will being in early May 2019 on our Brookville Fibre To The Home network. Plans have been approved by the town of Milton as well permits have been issued. Over the next few weeks you will start to see our construction crews in the area. You will also notice that locate flags and paint markings will appear in the area these markings are placed where existing underground infrastructure exists and is a requirement before construction can begin. The flags will be removed by our crews upon completion in the each area and the paint used will wash away and leaving no permanent marking.

The following area will see construction starting around the first week of May.

Estimated Construction between May 1 and May 30th
Cameron Dr between Guelph Line and Amos Dr.
Amos Dr to Taylor Ct
Taylor Ct

We estimate service to be available to the homes on the street above by May 30th.

June 1st to June 30th
Amos Dr between Taylor Ct and 11260 Amos Dr
Guelph Line from Cameron Dr to Purdy Dr
Purdy Dr from Guelph Line to Inglis Dr
Rutledge Way from Purdy to Inglin Dr

We estimate service to be available to the homes on the street above by June 30th.

The following streets will see construction starting in July with specific details to follow in the coming weeks. Construction will proceed in the order shown below.

Inglis Dr
Menzies Ct
McPhail Way
Guelph Line from Purdy to 15 Side Road
15 Side Road to Amos Dr
Amos from 15 Side Road to Milne Ct
Milne Ct
Amos from Milne Ct to 2091 Amos Dr
Blacklock St between Amos Dr and Guelph Line
McFarland Ct