Construction is underway in Ballinafad and Silvercreek on our Fibre To The Home Network. Work will begin in Mid April 2019 and continue until completion in the summer of 2019.

Please note all work being conducted in the Ballinafad area at the moment is restoration and no new construction is planned until June 2019. Updates will be posted along with construction plans in the coming weeks.

April 19 2019 – Update

Our team will continue working on restoration in the area this coming week.  We will be completing initial restoration and grading  work along the following streets in the order below. If the weather continues to warm up we will be re-sodding and seeding in about two weeks time. This week you will see new top soil placed and general clean up complete.

Southwinds Dr
Sandal Wood Dr
Wellington 42 / 32 Side Road
Trafalgar Rd North of 32 Side Road
Trafalgar Rd South of 32 Side Road

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at

April 12 2019 – Update

Many of you will notice that this week flags and paint markings have been placed in the area. These flags and markings are legally required before construction of any kind can begin. hey are placed by the other utility companies to show where their underground infrastructure is located. The paint will wash off and our crew will remove flags upon completion of work in the area.

Our construction crews will be working in the Ballinafad area over the next few weeks during this time they will be placing any black service drop wires that remain on the surface in the ground. Along with placing cables in the ground our crews will also be cleaning up work areas and preparing them for sodding and seeding. New sod/seed will be completed once the weather warms up to above freezing hopefully in late April/Early May.

Our network expansion in to the Silvercreek community will begin in June of 2019, more details will be provided over the coming weeks.

If you have any questions please contact our construction hot line at 1-866-304-9117 or via email at