Wireless Internet FAQs

How does wireless Internet work?

Is the service DSL? No, we do not use telephone lines to provide you service.

Is the service Cable? No, we do not use Cable TV network to provide you service.

True wireless service The internet is delivered to your location via a wireless signal from one of our broadcast sites. We operate our network using the latest LTE MIMO technology. This technology allows us to stay future proof and ensure that we can always provide you the highest service possible with our limitations to our customers.

What is your residential coverage area?

Coverage is available all across Ontario where there is access to Fiber, DSL or Cable. For rural areas, coverage is dependent upon line of sight to our towers. View the service area map on the Rural High Speed Internet page for more information and for rates. For areas that are densely treed, installing an arial tower is also available to get you the signal you need for high speed service.

Is the service really unlimited?

Standard Broadband does not employ any type of rate limiting or access policy. We believe all our customers should have full access to the Internet at all times and have the ability to use as little or as much bandwidth as they need. We do NOT charge for usage so you will never see any type of overage charge on your monthly account.

Does the weather affect or slow down the signal?

Weather such as snow, rain, ice, and wind will not affect the service we provide you. Our system operates in the 3.6GHz frequency band and is not affected by rain or snowfall. When our installers arrive at your home the first thing they do is a site survey to ensure that your home has adequate signal from one of our tower sites. If for some reason the signal is too weak, our installation team will advise you that we cannot provide service at that time.

How does the equipment work?

The subscriber unit that is installed at your home runs via Power over Ethernet and only requires a single CAT5 (Ethernet) cable from inside your home to the outside antenna. The cable connects directly to your router and does not require any type of special modem. Our service does require clear Line-Of-Site to one of our tower sites. Near Line-Of-Site at times is often enough if you are close enough to one of our broadcast towers.

What is included in the installation and how much does it cost?

A typical installation takes approximately 2 hours to complete. Our installation crew will mount a small antenna at the highest point on your home. We do our best to mount the equipment out of site so that it is not visible from the road. Unlike satellite dish installations that are typically installed lower and can be an eye sore, we aim to make sure our installation is out of sight.

The installation includes the antenna, cabling, and all mounting hardware. Our technicians will also run two speed tests when the installation is completed to ensure the speed is at the level you have subscribed to.

The full professional installation has a one-time cost of $299.99 the equipment is provided and remains property of Standard Broadband. In the event of equipment failure our service department will replace any failed device at no cost to our subscriber.

Do you offer tower installations?

We have a team of professionals that can provide solutions for customers in areas where tall trees are an issue. Installing an Arial tower is often the only easy solution to get you the signal you need in more densely treed areas.

What are your rates?

For Urban & Suburban Customers

Our rates are fixed and we do not charge overage charges or bandwidth charges which translate into a “fixed” monthly cost for your internet service. If you choose our $34.99 package, your rate remains the same monthly at $34.99 + HST every month.

For Rural Customers

Our rates are fixed and we do not charge overage charges or bandwidth charges which translate into a “fixed” monthly cost for your internet service. If you choose our $59.99 package, your rate remains the same monthly at $59.99 + HST every month.

What does 'line of sight' mean?

To have the wireless service perform at its best, with the fastest speeds, we need one thing and one thing only, clear line of sight from your location to one of our broadcast towers in your area. Our broadcast tower has to be able to see the antenna we mount on your home or business without obstructions. We own and broadcast from the tallest tower in Milton at 8250 Lawson Road ( just north of the Milton Water Tower) and we also have equipment on another 250ft tower at Appleby Line and 14th Side Road in southwest Milton. These two vantage points give us coverage across Milton and allows us to provide dependable and increased speeds to any point in Milton.

Do you offer rural high speed internet?

We understand the challenges our rural customers have faced in the past and we have a solution for you to get very fast and reliable internet speeds. Line of sight is key to the service working, refer to our service area map below, or contact us via our contact form we can run a line of sight test to see how we can get service to your location.

How do I pay?

Standard Broadband accepts two methods of payment for residential services. We accept all major credit cards, as well if you wish a pre-authorized bank width drawl may be setup for monthly fees.