Fibre Optic Internet Is Coming To Puslinch!

May 29, 2020

Standard Broadband is excited to announce an investment of over $2.5M to bring state of the art fibre optic infrastructure into rural Puslinch. Over 1000 homes in the Township of Puslinch will soon have access to fibre optic internet service with the expansion of Standard Broadband’s fibre to the home network over the next year. This project will be funded entirely by Standard Broadband to deliver the fastest internet available as soon as possible.

Standard Broadband will expand its existing Fibre to The Home network into the Township of Puslinch starting in August 2020. Our build will provide over 1000 rural homes and businesses which currently have limited internet service with access to our next generation fibre optic network capable of delivering Gigabit (1000Mbps) speeds to each home. Along with high-speed Internet, our network will provide access to our next generation IPTV and digital telephone services.

Coverage Map:
Legend: Yellow – 2020 Build

Please visit our Puslinch FTTH page for full details on the service options that will be available as well as our construction update page for all the latest news on our progress.

For more information on this exciting project please contact our customer service department team who can be reached via email or telephone at 1-866-569-4147.

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