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Current Status: Construction Underway

Service Available On:

Side Road 20 – Between Guelph Line and Nassagweya Town Line
Sixth Line – Between Side Road 20 and Side Road 25
Fourth Line – Between Side Road 20 and Side Road 25
Ennisclare Dr

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June 17 2022

Our fibre crew will be working in the following area starting on June 22nd 2022 to install the backbone fibre, when the backbone is completed customer installations will be booked. We estimate those to being in early July 2022.

Side Road 15 Between Guelph Line and Fifth Line Nassagaweya
Fifth Line Nassagaweya between the dead-end and Side Road 20
Customer will also take place starting in early July in the following areas, upon completion of our construction our fibre crew will then install the backbone cable and being customer installations. 
Second Line Nassagaweya between Side Road 15 and Mowhawk Trail
Mowhawk Trail
Side Road 10 between Second Line and Guelph Line
Pineview Trail
Second Line Nassagaweya between Side Road 15 and Side Road 25
Side Road 20 between Guelph Line and First Line Nassagaweya
Frist Line Nassagweya between Side Road 15 ad Side Road 25
Upon completion of the above area construction will continue on the following streets, this is estimated to be near the end of August 2022.
Side Road 25 from First Line Nassagaweya to Townline
Fifth Line Nassagweya from Side Road 25 to Side Road 30
Random Acres Rd
Side Road 30 between Guelph Line and Fifth Line Nassagweya
A new interactive MAP will be posted to our website shortly allowing you click by street and view where construction is and when service is expected to be available as well as a running construction schedule with continually updated dates.

Should you have any questions related to the physical construction work being done in the area please contact our Fibre Construction team directly at Alternatively, you may complete the contact form on this page.

All sales inquiries should be directed to our customer service department who are available or 1-866-569-4147.