Moffat and Brookville Fiber To The Home

Standard Broadband is excited to build the first Fiber To The Home Network in the Nassagaweya area. Our all Fiber Optic network will provide residence with the access to the Internet at speeds previously not possible on our LTE Wireless network. Our initial Fiber build will encompass the area outlined below and will start construction in the late fall of 2017 with anticipated completion taking approximately 4-6 months.

Our fiber network will delivery crystal clear telephone service, Ultra 4K HD TV and of course reliable, affordable and extremely fast Internet service with speeds never before seen in a rural community.

Available Internet Services

Along with our telephone and IP TV service, the Internet packages below will be available to your home once connected to our fiber optic network.

FTTH 50Mbps

  • 50Mbps Download
  • 50Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

FTTH 100Mbps

  • 100Mbps Download
  • 100Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

FTTH 150Mbps

  • 150Mbps Download
  • 150Mbps Upload
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

Questions, Details and Answers.

Service Area

Standard Broadband’s Fiber To The Home network will initially cover the hamlets of Moffat and Brookville.  The area map below is our initial service area. Service construction has been approved and will be starting in late November 2017 with anticipated service availability for early spring 2018.

How much will this cost to get installed?

Standard Broadband is looking for a commitment from 200 home owners in the proposed service area.  There will be a one time installation fee of $750.00 to connect your home to our network during the initial build.

Do I have to pay now or provide a deposit?

NO, we do not require any deposit or prepayment, we are simply looking for a commitment that when we bring the service in to the area that you will subscribe and pay the installation and monthly fees once service is installed.

How is service connected to my house?

Our service is connected to your home via a small conduit that is run from one of our pedestal locations under ground to the side the house. Typically we will follow a similar path to the hydro utility service.  Our crews will use a small trenching tool that will allow us to place the conduit under your grass without the need to remove strips of grass to run our conduit.  At the side of the home a small box is installed which will serve as the connection point to the home and from there to your router.

I am interested how do I get more information?

The best way to keep up to date on the progress of our Fiber To The Home build is to subscribe to our mailing list.  You may do so by completing the form at the top of this page.  Updates will be sent typically on a weekly basis once construction starts.  Alternatively you may contact our customer service team at 1-866-569-4147.